Saturday, April 7, 2007

This is easier than I thought!!!

This is a simple blog to set up. Gosh, if I can do know the rest (anyone can do it!). This is almost as good as having a Web site. I'll be putting more of my art on here for you to see. I want to sell my collages and/or sell images of them. That is my goal. Heck, I might even like to teach a workshop or two!

I would love to experiment with, for ex., household cleaners or costmetic liquids, on canvases, watercolor paper, magazine paper, whatever.

Claudine Hellmuth, collage artist, is my muse and she uses brass polish on magazine pages to make them look old and distressed. It would be interesting to play around with some safe liquids and/or solids and see what you'd get on your background source.

When I was a little girl, my friend Jackie and I used to mix chemicals together (furniture polish, etc.) to see what it would do. Glad we didn't get hurt. Jackie grew up to be a doctor! LOL I'm surprised one of us is not a chemist.

I'm itching to make a collage. I need to make one for my friend in Australia, Gwenyth. We're sending each other collages every 3 months. It's fun! I want to make a special collage for her in a certain style. I hope it turns out well.

Well, thass all for now, folks. I'll be back soon, I guess!


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